Scholarship Fundraiser

Each year on Days of the Dead, Weaving for Justices partners with The Maya Educational Foundation (MEF) and the New Mexico State University Museum to turn donated textiles into scholarships for Maya youth in Belize, Chiapas and Guatemala. We also send donations to MEF from sales of donated textiles from our 3rd Saturday and Tuesday sales at First Christian Church in Las Cruces.

With the help of these sales, each year more and more children and youth in Belize, Chiapas, and Guatemala, are pursuing their dreams of an education.

If you have textiles, books, or tourist items from Latin America that you’d like to donate to this project, please contact Christine Eber ( Our heartfelt thanks to the over 60 individuals who have generously donated their treasures to this project since we began in 2015! For more information about the Maya Educational Foundation’s scholarship programs, please go to