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NEW! Shoulder Bags

These lovely shoulder bags were woven using an open weave technique called leno. They are woven by members of Luchom Jolom Antsetik (Women Embroiderers and Weavers), a weaving collective based in Tsabalhó, Chenalhó, Chiapas. The bags measure 14 inches wide by 24” tall, including the straps, and come in three colors – moss green, bright coral, and mediterranean blue. The price is $40, including priority postage. 

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NEW! Cell Phone Bags

These cell phone bags were brocaded on a back-strap loom by members of Tsobol Antsetik (Women United), a weaving collective based in Chixiltón, Chenalhó, Chiapas. The design on the black and white bag is a variation of the Maya cosmogram. A symbol brochure explaining this design comes with the bag. The design on the multicolored bag depicts Señor Esquiplas, a representation of Black Jesus on the cross. The “x” shaped figure has small lines resembling thorns along the cross lines and the head.  The black and white bag measures 5.5 “ x 8 “, the multicolored bag 5” x 8”. Each is $28, including postage.  Our thanks to Esther Duvall of Las Cruces for modeling the bags.

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NEW! Napkins (Set of 4)

New item!  We’re delighted to be able to offer dinner napkins in eight different colors with symbols of ancestral significance to Maya weavers. Designs depict a woman, a holy toad, a corn plant, the plumed serpent, K’uk’ulkan, and the Maya cosmogram. Each order comes with a symbol brochure describing the significance of the designs and a photo tag of the woman who wove the napkin. Background colors don’t vary, but please allow for slight variance in colors of the designs. When ordering please use napkin numbers 1-8.

$31.50 for 4 napkins, includes postage.

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New! Scarf options – Red with corn, blue with women

We’re happy to offer two cotton scarves woven on a backstrap loom by members of the weaving collective Tsobol Antsetik (Women United) based in Chixiltón, Chenalhó, Chiapas. Each scarf features a symbol important to the people of Chenalhó – corn and women. The blue scarf is adorned with three women symbols on each end. The red scarf features three corn plants on the ends.

$35 includes postage. With each scarf we enclose an explanation of the significance of the symbols and a card with the photo and name of the weaver. Our thanks to Weaving for Justice volunteer, Autumn McAllister, for modeling the scarves.

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Tortilla Warmer

This tortilla warmer is decorated with images of corn. It was embroidered by Estrella Margarita, the youngest member of the collective Luchom Jolom Antsetik (Women  Embroiderers and weavers). The tortilla warmer holds large or small tortillas and comes with an insert with Estrella Margarita’s photo and directions for how to make tortillas from scratch, using field corn, just as women do in Estrella Margarita’s community of Tsabalhó, Chenalhó. It is $15, including postage.

New! Striped Cotton Scarf

This lovely cotton scarf is woven by a member of Luchom Jolom Antsetik (Women Embroiderers and Weavers) a collective based in the community of Tsabalhó in Chenalhó, Chiapas, Mexico. It measures 10” x 27”, including fringe and comes in three options. $35 includes postage. Our thanks to Divya for modeling scarf #1.

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New! Table Runner

This beautiful striped table runner was woven with cotton threads on a back-strap loom by Elvia Zenaida Pérez Pérez of the weaving collective, Luchom Jolom Antsetik (Women Emboiderers and Weavers) based in Tsabalhó, Chenalhó, Chiapas. It features the Maya cosmogram and comes with a brochure explaining the significance of this design. It measures 21” wide x 90” long, including fringe, and is $85, including shipping.

Tote Bag

This tote bag is embroidered with corn plants. Corn nurtures both the bodies and souls of Maya people. Legends tell of how Ixmucané, the grandmother of all, made humans out of the same corn dough she made tortillas. The bag expands to 18”x 17” long. It comes in purple, blue, and turquoise and sells for $38, including postage. 

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Assortment of 4 book marks woven on a back-strap loom in a variety of colors and designs.
$20 includes postage.

Embroidered Square (English or Spanish)


“When a woman rises no man is left behind.” or “Cuando una mujer avanza no hay hombre que retroceda.”

This cloth (6.5” x 7”) is embroidered with the face of a Zapatista woman and a phrase that expresses a core principle of the Zapatista movement — that when women enjoy equal rights with men the whole community rises as one. Embroidered by a member of Tsobol Antsetik. Price with postage: $20. 

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Nursing Mother Doll with Baby

Mother in traditional Maya dress. The baby can cradle in Mother’s arms or snap to her breast. The doll is 8 inches tall. $45.00 includes postage.

Children’s Cloth Books in Tsotsil and Spanish

Two books are available – a book of numbers from 1-5 and a book of animals and plants. Each book is $20.00 which includes postage. When ordering, please specify which book you would like.

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Las Abejas Cloth with Beeswax Candle

Women bees weaving the resistance.

These embroidered cloths are each accompanied by a beeswax candle. They honor the blood, sweat, and tears of all people resisting injustices throughout the world. In lighting this candle may you be strengthened to stand alongside them. The cloths were embroidered by members of Jolom Luch Maya (Maya Embroiderers and Weavers). The group is comprised of  24 members of Las Abejas (The Bees), a Catholic social justice organization based in Acteal, Chenalhó, Chiapas, Mexico. Las Abejas lost 45 of its members, mostly women and children, in a massacre by a paramilitary group on December 22, 1997. In the face of COVID, threats from criminal organizations, and the government’s disregard for their human rights, the Bees keep seeking justice for their fallen brethren. For more information go to www.acteal.org

When ordering, please specify which words you would like:  “Mujeres Abejas sembrando la vida, cosechando la paz” (Women Bees sowing life, harvesting peace) or “Mujeres Abejas tejiendo resistencia” (Women Bees weaving resistance). Each 12” x 12” square comes with a votive beeswax candle. Price with postage is $25.

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Photo Books by Tsobol Antzetik

In 2016, several weavers of Tsobol Antzetik created photo books in workshops with the Chiapas Photography Project. Women United Weavers (13 pages) explores weaving techniques, materials, and tools. Our Threads (6 pages) shows miniature figures of weavers and their husbands and daughters working with thread. Our Clothing (60 pages) tells the story of women’s, men’s and children’s traditional clothing. The books are trilingual in Tsotsil, Spanish and English and are sold as package for $40. Our Clothing can be purchased singly for $20.

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Lace Edged Zapatista Cloth

These cloth squares were embroidered by the women of Luchom Jolom Antsetik – Women Embroiderers and Weavers – a small collective that recently formed in Tsabalhó, Chenalhó, Chiapas. We’re delighted to offer them to you for framing or using in another way. When we saw the words, inspired by the Zapatista movement, they reminded us of wearing masks during the pandemic, how by protecting others from getting COVID, we showed our hearts. We hope the words and image speak to you this way, too. The squares measure 9×9 inches and are $15, including postage.

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