Educational Resources

A Maya Celebration” is a 20 minute film of the inauguration of the meeting house of Tsobol Antsetik produced by Janet Darrow. To view navigate to: and type in the password: ChiapasApril2016.

Margarita’s life story in her own words, The Journey of a Tzotzil-Maya Woman: Pass Well Over the Earth, tells the history of the collaboration between the weavers in her community and Weaving for Justice. Available from UTPress, Visit our online store to order the Spanish edition or download the book to read for free.

Maya Faces in a Smoking Mirror” is a full-length documentary featuring eight young Maya men and women, two of whom are weavers in Tsobol Antsetik, one of the co-ops Weaving for Justice assists. The film is produced by Bill Jungels and Christine Eber, founding member of Weaving for Justice. See a trailer and ordering information at or

The film is also available to watch online by clicking the image below.

Caras mayas en un espejo humeante, is available to view at

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