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Assortment of 4 book marks woven on a back-strap loom in a variety of colors and designs.
$20 includes postage.

Children’s Cloth Books in Tsotsil and Spanish

Two books are available – a book of numbers from 1-5 and a book of animals and plants. Each book is $20.00 which includes postage. When ordering, please specify which book you would like.

Which book would you like?

Photo Books by Tsobol Antzetik

In 2016, several weavers of Tsobol Antzetik created photo books in workshops with the Chiapas Photography Project. Women United Weavers (13 pages) explores weaving techniques, materials, and tools. Our Threads (6 pages) shows miniature figures of weavers and their husbands and daughters working with thread. Our Clothing (60 pages) tells the story of women’s, men’s and children’s traditional clothing. The books are trilingual in Tsotsil, Spanish and English and are sold as package for $40. Our Clothing can be purchased singly for $20.

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