Bags & Purses

Shoulder Bags

These lovely shoulder bags were woven using an open weave technique called leno. They are woven by members of Luchom Jolom Antsetik (Women Embroiderers and Weavers), a weaving collective based in Tsabalhó, Chenalhó, Chiapas. The bags measure 14 inches wide by 24” tall, including the straps, and come in three colors – moss green, bright coral, and mediterranean blue. The price is $40, including priority postage. 

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Cell Phone Bags

These cell phone bags were brocaded on a back-strap loom by members of Tsobol Antsetik (Women United), a weaving collective based in Chixiltón, Chenalhó, Chiapas. The design on the black and white bag is a variation of the Maya cosmogram. A symbol brochure explaining this design comes with the bag. The design on the multicolored bag depicts Señor Esquiplas, a representation of Black Jesus on the cross. The “x” shaped figure has small lines resembling thorns along the cross lines and the head.  The black and white bag measures 5.5 “ x 8 “, the multicolored bag 5” x 8”. Each is $28, including postage.  Our thanks to Esther Duvall of Las Cruces for modeling the bags.

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Tote Bag

This tote bag is embroidered with corn plants. Corn nurtures both the bodies and souls of Maya people. Legends tell of how Ixmucané, the grandmother of all, made humans out of the same corn dough she made tortillas. The bag expands to 18”x 17” long. It comes in purple, blue, and turquoise and sells for $38, including postage. 

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