Photo Books by Weavers
Photo Books by Weavers In 2016, several weavers of Tsobol Antzetik created photo books in workshops with the Chiapas Photography Project. Women United Weavers (13 pages) explores weaving techniques, materials, and tools. Our Threads (6 pages) shows miniature figures of weavers and their husbands and daughters working with thread. Our Clothing (60 pages) tells the story of women's, men's and children's traditional clothing. The books are trilingual in Tsotsil, Spanish and English and are sold as package for $40. Our Clothing can be purchased singly for $20.
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Children’s cloth books in Tsotsil and Spanish
Children’s cloth books in Tsotsil and Spanish

Two books are vailable – a book of numbers from 1-5 and a book of animals and plants. Each book is $20.00 which includes postage. When ordering, please specify which book you would like.
Assortment of 4 book marks woven on a back-strap loom in a variety of colors and designs - $15 includes postage.

Assortment of 4 book marks woven on a back-strap loom in a variety of colors and designs - $15 includes postage.
Children’s cloth books in Tsotsil and Spanish
Nursing Mother Doll with Baby

Mother in traditional Maya dress. The baby can cradle in Mother's arms or snap to her breast. The doll is 8 inches tall. $35.00 includes postage.
Journey of a Tzotzil-Maya Woman cover
The Journey of a Tzotzil-Maya Woman by Christine Eber and 'Antonia' Enhancing our understanding of the struggle for indigenous rights in Chiapas, this testamonial presents a unique account of that struggle by a woman who has been active at the grassroots level for three decades.

$16.72 Available at
Pasar bien por la tierra: El tejido vivo de una mujer tzotzil-Maya,

the Spanish translation of The Journey of a Tzotzil-Maya Woman is available here as a pdf to read for free or to purchase on

Pasar bien por la tierra
Pasar bien por la tierra-4.pdf
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Anya's will to learn cover
Anay's Will to Learn: A Woman's Education in the Shadow of the Maquiladora by Elaine Hampton and Anay Palomeque Carillo Fifteen-year-old Anay is wooed from her Chiapas home to work in the factories in Ciudad Juarez. In spite of poverty, abuse, and cancer, she achieves her education and then creates schools for women in her Chiapas home. Your purchase is a donation of $15.00 to women's education in Chiapas. Available at and
When A Woman Rises book cover
When a Woman Rises, a novel by Christine Eber When a woman rises, no man is left behind and a community is nourished. In the Maya township of Chenalhó in Chiapas, Mexico Veronica, a teenage girl, is recovering from a disastrous early marriage. Spurred on by a community program of women telling their stories, she asks her mother Magdalena to record the story of her growing up and that of best friend, Lucia. Magdalena, step by step, day by day, summons the soul of her comadre who has disappeared. Available through In April 2021 Cuando una mujer se levanta, the Spanish translation by Camilo Pérez Bustillo of When a Woman Rises was published by Cinco Puntos Press and is available for purchase on the internet. Thanks to the generosity of over 125 donors, 2,000 copies of the novel are also being given away for free in Chiapas to Mayas and other original peoples.
Please see the Weaving for Justice Instagram page for additional weavings for purchase and also for posts about the weavers work and lives.

These embroidered cloths are each accompanied by a beeswax candle. They honor the blood, sweat, and tears of all people resisting injustices throughout the world. In lighting this candle may you be strengthened to stand alongside them. The cloths were embroidered by members of Jolom Luch Maya (Maya Embroiderers and Weavers). The group is comprised of  24 members of Las Abejas (The Bees), a Catholic social justice organization based in Acteal, Chenalhó, Chiapas, Mexico. Las Abejas lost 45 of its members, mostly women and children, in a massacre by a paramilitary group on December 22, 1997. In the face of COVID, threats from criminal organizations, and the government’s disregard for their human rights, the Bees keep seeking justice for their fallen brethren. For more information go to

Women bees weaving the resistance.
Women bees sowing life, harvesting peace

When ordering, please specify which words you would like:  “Mujeres Abejas sembrando la vida, cosechando la paz” (Women Bees sowing life, harvesting peace) or “Mujeres Abejas tejiendo resistencia” (Women Bees weaving resistance). Each 12” x 12” square comes with a votive beeswax candle. Price with postage is $25.

Which cloth?

“When a woman rises no man is left behind.” This cloth (6.5” x 7”) is embroidered with the face of a Zapatista woman and a phrase that expresses a core principle of the Zapatista movement — that when women enjoy equal rights with men the whole community rises as one. Embroidered by a member of Tsobol Antsetik. Price with postage: $20.