Weaving for Justice

Supporting Education, Fair Trade and Human Rights

Weaving for Justice is an all-volunteer, non-profit organization working in solidarity with Maya weaving collectives in Chiapas, Mexico. Our goal is to assist the members of the collectives to continue living on their ancestral lands in sustainable ways that respect their lands, language (Tsotsil), and traditions.

In addition to selling textiles for the weaving collectives, we work with the weavers to EDUCATE the public about their lives, struggles, and contributions to a sustainable and just society.

We are guided by principles of FAIR TRADE – paying a fair wage in the local context, working directly with the weavers, and by-passing middlepersons – to offer the weavers a fair price for their work. 

We also raise funds for SCHOLARSHIPS for Maya youth in Belize, Chiapas, and Guatemala by selling textiles and other items from Latin America that have been donated to us. We partner with the Maya Educational Foundation in this project (www.mayaedufound.org)