Dear Friends of Weaving for Justice

Your support will continue to help our organization’s goals of creating fair trade markets for women’s cooperatives in Chiapas, Mexico, and educating the public about issues such as fair trade, globalization, and Maya women’s perspective. Together we can help create a fair and sustainable global market for women’s artisan work that is respectful and empowering.

Memberships are good for one year and every membership comes with a 10% discount at all of our sales as well as at our online store. We will also send you our annual newsletter and email updates.


To become a member, please print this page mail it to Sophia’s Circle, 1825 Myrtle Ave., Las Cruces, NM 88001. (Or send your membership fee through the Membership button below and email your contact information to

Enclosed is my check payable to Sophia’s Circle in the amount of US $35.00 for my annual membership.



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_____ I can host a house party to sell weavings and share information.
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Thank you for your support.

Christine, Crystal, Janet, Lorena, Kit, Mary, Patricia, Sarah and the weavers in Chiapas.

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